Friday, May 1, 2015

What the heck is a Millennial, and what do I need to know about them?

Millennials are the newest and fastest growing generation in America’s work force. Millennials are people who were born in the 1980s or 1990s. Just like every generation before them, millennials are being misunderstood by the generation before them. Really though, millennials are more like Generation X members than they are different. If you are hiring millennials, and you should be, here are the top three things you need to know about the new kids on the block.

1. Grace Hopper said, “The most dangerous phrase in the language is “we've always done it this way.”” Members of the millennial generation believe this is the truest thing ever said. They are eager to make a difference and want to be a part of key decisions. They do not like doing grunt work “just because,” and they will stand up for themselves more than any generation before them. Millennials know that change is constant, and they believe in using change for good.

2. Leading off of that point, millennials are not as motivated by money. What, you’re asking, money does not matter to them? Of course it matters to them, but they are also very motivated by making a difference and discovering the world around them. Perhaps instead of offering pay raises, your company might consider offering extended vacation time for young employees to travel abroad, or maybe an extensive training program in a new sector of the industry.  

3. The last thing you need to know is a two-part point. Millennials are excellent multitaskers. A lot of this is attributed to the fact that they grew up surrounded by technology. So do not hesitate to ask the young guy in the corner office to help with your social media presence while he is working on a new data system. Millennials enjoy a challenge and they are well prepared for them.  

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