Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Average Hiring Times Getting Longer

The Interview and Hiring process is taking much longer than in previous years. Average hiring times have increased from around 12 days in 2010 to around 23 days in 2014. This is due largely to the more in-depth screening process being used by employers today. Studies show that panel interviews can add almost a week to the hiring process and things like IQ tests and personality tests can add as many as 4 days.

While it is important for an employer to make sure they are making the right decision, taking too much time can actually lead to weaker hire. This seems counter intuitive, wouldn’t taking more time allow the employer to find a better candidate? However, if you take too long with the hiring process, you give the strong candidates time to accept other offers, leaving you with a weaker pool of prospective hires. Taking too much time can also result in loss of productivity. The more time the hiring process takes, the more time the empty position goes unfilled.

It is important to balance the time it takes to effectively screen potential candidates with how much time it will take. If you leave out key steps in the hiring process, you won’t be sure exactly who you are hiring. If you take too long with the hiring process, you could lose strong candidates to other companies and lose productivity.

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