Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bringing value to Coatings, not just through paint.

At Connor|Caitlin, we work exclusively in the Coatings industry.  With our 40 years of combined experience, we know our market and the major players.  However, we like to stay knowledgeable of the history of some of the top coatings companies.  Today I’m going to give a brief overview of The Valspar Corporation, to give an idea of why we value companies such as them. 

The Valspar Corporation is the sixth largest international paint and coating company in the world, currently based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Valspar stocks customers in over 100 countries with an extensive range of high quality coatings and paint products.  Valspar’s motto is, “If it matters, we’re on it”, what an ideal way to grab the attention of customers and investors.

Valspar is associated with many other brands, such as: Cabot, Guardsman, House of Kolor, De Beer, Inver, Huarun, Wattyl, Solver, PlastiKote, and more. With their wide range of investors, Valspar showcases integrity and stewardship. Beyond all, the most imperative ambition for Valspar is to maintain an accident-free work setting in order for their employees to stay safe.

Valspar’s leadership, commitment, and investment aspects ensure their potential customers nothing but success and high quality. This company explains how they are committed to creating a long-term relationship with customers, employees, and suppliers. As long as it’s important to you, it’s important to Valspar.

Companies like Valspar are what make our industry shine.  If you are a top company looking for top talent, or talent looking for the top companies, please contact a practice leader at Connor|Caitlin.

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