Thursday, June 4, 2015

Prim and Proper, Being Polite in the Workplace

Many people would be surprised at just how far being polite can further you in your career. If you are able to obtain characteristics such as being charismatic, able to share intuitive ideas, and being generous, then you will stand out in the superlative way. Aside from having those traits, there are several gestures you can make to express courtesy toward your colleagues.

Next time you’re at a work party or benefit, begin introducing people you know as if you were privileged to do so. This will show the utmost respect to your co-workers. In another sense, when someone is being introduced to you it’s important to address them by the name they told you. This means that you should not shorten their name or call them by a nickname seeing as that would be considered unprofessional and too friendly. 

Also, when first meeting someone, a polite individual will wait until the other person determines the nonsexual touch guidelines, unless it’s a handshake. It’s critical to make sure the person you are being introduced to feels comfortable at all times.

Social media has become quite a significant tool in today’s society, which sometimes can turn out to be negative.  It’s extremely significant to always keep your personal social media sites objective and professional. In addition to social media, one should never gossip over the Internet or in person. It’s often difficult to resist the inside scoop about a particular person or event, but the civil way to go about this would be to simply ignore it.

However, something a polite individual should never ignore is the elephant in the room. For instance, if a colleague’s family member passed away it would be considerate to briefly express your condolences. Most prominently, when being polite you should never push your opinions or judge someone. 

Always try to keep an open mind when it comes to specific subject matters or people. Remember, polite people never stop being polite, and once you are you will begin to see that your colleagues will think more highly of you.

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