Saturday, May 16, 2015

My intern is...filing paperwork? Not today!

A summer internship can be the dream of both the student and the employer.  But how to really get the most out of the student that will be in your office for the next twelve weeks?  This will probably not include filing paperwork and getting coffee.  A great internship experience starts with the program.

Once an employer has decided they want to take on an intern, this is where the fun can begin.

Designing a program to use the full potential of the student is key.  Work with your intern's strengths.  If you decide you want a marketing major, then use their marketing knowledge, (even though it may be limited), to design new marketing pieces for the next quarter.  This allows the intern to actually learn what businesses expect in the real world, and also allows them to feel as though they are truly contributing to the success, therefore having a more positive overall experience.

Throughout the course of the internship, keep an eye on the young member of the team, to truly determine what they are excelling at, and then give them tasks that they will be sure to accomplish successfully.  While building their confidence, you are getting more out of the intern than just your daily cup of coffee.

A positive experience by an intern reflects well on your company.  This can be achieved by seeing the intern as a true member of the team, if even only for a short while.  Treat them as though they are valued, and they will bring value to you.

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