Thursday, May 28, 2015

Beyond the 3pm slump.

Wondering why you’re so tired at work all the time? There are many different causes as to why you might be struggling to stay awake, yet the solutions to them are actually quite simple. The most common reason would be poor sleeping habits or just lack of sleep. If you can’t seem to fall asleep earlier, try setting an alarm telling you to unwind and start getting ready for bed.

Other than the obvious reason, your personal diet and exercise routine could be affecting your sleeping habits. You might think that drinking coffee or eating some sweets throughout the day will keep you awake, but all that’ll do is give you energy for a short amount of time before you crash.  Normally you would consider exercising an activity that would just wear you out more, however studies show that working out when you’re tired will help you regain your energy.

A thought that wouldn’t normally cross one’s mind is dehydration. Instead of attempting to get through your workday with coffee, drink those suggested 8 glasses of water.

Do you happen to be a perfectionist? Well if you are that could be another not so obvious cause as to why you’re tired. This is because perfectionists are constantly setting goals for themselves that cannot always be met in the time they prefer or even at all. On the contrary, if you are a disorganized individual you might want to rethink your work-space. Having a cluttered desk is normally less than productive, but it’s especially a problem because it can make you feel mentally exhausted. If you are one of these individuals, start keeping a neater work-space by organizing your files in folders for example.

Finally, I’m sure almost everyone is familiar with the expression “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. This is true because if you skip breakfast your body will try to conserve the energy that it didn’t get from its morning fuel, leaving you feeling tired all day. Start your day a little earlier next time in order to prepare a healthy breakfast to kick start your day. Hopefully these suggestions will stop you from dozing off at work next time.

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