Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Human Resources in a Technology Driven World

The first human resources department started in 1901 with the title of “personnel”.   Throughout the centuries since then, changes in industry and hiring demands have constantly changed the demands of HR departments in companies and corporations.

 Everyone knows that our world is run by technology. Sometimes that is something to celebrate and other times it makes a person want to pull their hair out. The fact is that technology has given a major face-lift, and helping hand, to human resources.

With constant Internet availability, professionals have more access to job postings and professional development tools than ever before. This translates into finding better candidates for hiring and more ways for an employer to screen potential candidates.

Résumé stacks that used to take hours to go through can now be sorted in minutes with computer programs. The lower costs of pre-hire screening tests gives employers better tools to screen candidates and sort through the stack to find exactly what they are looking for. Using these tools allows an employer to find the perfect candidate for the job in order, and faster, to provide continuity in the workplace and harmonization of employees.

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