Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Is a job just a job? Not anymore.

A recent issue of the Wall Street Journal highlighted a paradigm shift in how folks find meaning.
 With the dramatic influx of young workers, the millennials, there has been a change in ideals from ‘just a job’, to a job that changes the world. Employers are now trying to insert meaning into the daily grind.  This includes connecting profit-driven efforts to grand consequences for humankind. 

Work takes up more time than before, thanks to longer hours, competitive pressures and technological tethers of modern business.  Mission statements have long stated lofty goals beyond the financial bottom line, however in recent times, tech firms like Google have attracted top talent by inviting recruits to change the world by writing code or managing projects.  To that note, the words “mission”, “higher purpose”, or “change the world” have been used with more frequency in investor meetings, earnings calls and industry conferences.

“I am not a brain surgeon or a scientist.  I help some of those people do their taxes.”  Siobhan Kiernan, a manager at KPMG, a global consulting firm, stated; “I can take the worry of doing their tax returns off their mind, therefore I support advancements in medicine.” (The Wall Street Journal)  If a person can connect their work to a cause higher than themselves, they are more likely to be more satisfied with their jobs, therefore putting in more time and having fewer absences.  

Juniper Networks Inc. CEO Rami Rahim stated “Certainly, we build awesome routers and switches.  But what we are doing really is enabling researchers to find cures for deadly diseases.  We are enabling scientists to bring clean tech energies that make this planet a better place.  We are bringing education to Third World countries.” (The Wall Street Journal)

It is this thought process, of always keeping a larger goal and purpose in mind, which will get the most out of employees, and also will continue be the idea of the future.

With the competition for talent on the rise, great employers are including this as their criteria for developing roles and value. If you want to learn more about Connor|Caitlin and how we can help reach out to us at www.connorcaitlin.com.