Thursday, July 2, 2015

Is professionalism dying?

As I was going through LinkedIn Pulse recently reading various articles, I came across this 
little gem. If you do not have time to read the whole thing, the gist is that a gentleman (we’ll call him Fred) was basically trying to make a sale via direct message on Twitter. I was pretty shocked to say the least.

Most of the time I think millennials get a bad rap for no reason. This though, this guy… even I said to myself, “stupid millennial.” (Disclaimer: I am a millennial.) As millennials, we are trying to convince employers that we are all that and a box of chocolates. We need employers to know that we are the best things to ever happen to them! Hey Fred, news flash, you’re not helping! We don’t like you! 

Twitter is an excellent tool for business and when used correctly, it can significantly help build your online presence and increase brand recognition. However, it should not be used for selling. Selling is an art. It is not something to be tossed around like a tattered old baseball in the backyard. It should be prepared for and done professionally.

People are possibly busier than they have ever been and Fred barely even acknowledges that fact, let alone respects it. Sales is all about treating the customer the way they want to be treated. It is all about solving a problem for your customer, not creating another for them to deal with.

Remember to always maintain professionalism on social media and everywhere! You never know when your conversation might become the inspiration for an online post.

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