Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Beating Procrastination

We’ve all procrastinated. When you’re feeling tired or bogged down by your work, it seems so tempting to put off your responsibilities until later, hoping they will get easier. However, this is never the case, you just end up giving yourself less time to complete your work. This causes your work to be sloppy and you end up feeling more stressed out because of the limited amount of time you have to complete it.

To beat procrastination try to start off doing the easy work first. It is easier to start and it will give you enough momentum to start your more difficult tasks. Often, the hardest part about doing your work is simply starting it, so once you complete an easy task, your brain will be warmed up for the next one.

Try breaking your work into smaller pieces if you are feeling overwhelmed by a large project. This will make it seem much more manageable, making it easier to start. Also try to remember why you are doing your work. If you remember you’re doing it to make money for your family, to advance in your career, or to put yourself through school it will be much easier to get the work done.

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