Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Diving into Uncertainty

            No one can predict the future; therefore every day comes with uncertainties. However, uncertainty will not stop a successful individual from achieving their goals. To be able to predict and able to understand are two important concepts when it comes to overcoming uncertainty. It’s always critical to determine the possible outcome of events and prepare for them. Once you are able to make rational assumptions, you will not be as anxious about future. 

When it comes to being successful in your career, taking risks is an instinct everyone should have, seeing as human beings are naturally curious. Taking risks is driven by the desire to understand. Nobody likes an unresolved situation, thus if you don’t fix the problem you will never be satisfied. How will you know how to resolve the situation? Well, that’s where predicting and understanding the situation comes to mind.

            It’s always an individual’s first instinct to control a problem when it arises, or even before it does. Since people attempt to predict the future when they are uncertain, it gives them a sense of control so they feel more powerful in their position. Uncertainty is our reaction to external factors, so when that factor can be controlled the feeling of uncertainty disappears. In the time of doubt, if you don’t have sufficient information, it is always a smart idea to rely on your gut feeling. Trusting your subconscious can be very helpful considering your intuition about a person or situation is usually correct. 

Even when given no insight on a situation, successful people never let uncertainty stand in their way because they use their first instinct. Stressing about uncertainty is just a waste of time and energy, which is why it’s always important to use your instincts so nothing can hold you back in your career and everyday life.

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