Friday, July 24, 2015

The Power of the Card

A business card is often times underestimated in the workforce, which it shouldn’t be, considering it can be used as such a powerful tool. A successful business card should have a legible font that captures one’s attention, and enough information on it to make them memorable. Make sure your card has a good tagline that helps the recipient understand your role and business. It’s critical to always keep your card as up-to-date as possible.

 Aside from creating a professional looking business card, it’s a smart idea to carry a couple with you wherever you go just in case. Now, you don’t want them to be all wrinkled and smudged, so keep them in a place with good protection. There is an elusive power to promptly pull out a spotless card and hand it to your new connection.
When giving out your business card during an interview, it’s key to be polite and respectful about it. Possibly set your card on their chair before they come in, or on the desk in front of them so it seems subtle. Giving out your business card before a meeting or interview not only shows that you are professional, but it also helps others remember your name. On the other hand, when offered someone else’s card, take a second to look at it so they know you appreciate it. After that, place it on your desk so you can refer back to it during the meeting if needed.

Once you exchange business cards with someone, you might want to send them a LinkedIn connection request or a follow-up email in order to portray your mutual interests. A business card serves as a memory jogger after an introduction so new connections can remember why they should contact you.

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