Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Life as an Intern

All interns have to do is get coffee for their boss and copy papers right? Wrong. Here at Connor | Caitlin,
an internship, in my opinion, is comparable to having a permanent job with the company. We are required to do a valuable amount of work and the work we do is used to benefit the other employees as well.

As an intern, my goal is to help out my colleagues with any extra work they need done to make their prestigious jobs a little bit easier. We are trained to use certain programs and websites for research, such as: LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, Lead Ferret, Base Camp, PCRecruiter, etc. These are all tools I had barely even heard of before coming to intern at Connor | Caitlin.

Along with participating in the Internet research aspect, I also have the opportunity to write some of the blogs for our website. This gives me a break from the research portion and allows me to practice my writing skills. This internship has also been a huge learning experience not only in coatings and recruitment, but business in general. I have had the chance to sit in on conference calls, go to other businesses similar to ours, and even give my respective opinion on improvements for the company based on what I’ve learned.

Unlike most internships, I was asked to make a presentation on how we could advance the Connor | Caitlin website. This permitted me to explore other companies in the coatings and recruiting industry, and then branch out with suggestions for our company. This was especially an effective experience because all businesses will most likely expect at least one presentation from you sometime in your career. One of my suggestions for the website was video marketing. The other interns and myself will be creating an introductory video for Connor | Caitlin, this will hopefully boost our advertising and growth. See, this goes to show that not all internships are just catering to the needs of your boss.

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