Thursday, June 25, 2015

Managing Stress to Achieve Your Goals

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by work or school, unable to unwind after a demanding day? Often, this is due to an unhealthy level of stress, making you feel trapped and unable to complete any of your tasks. These levels of stress can cause things like obesity, depression, and decreased cognitive ability.

While too much stress can make you feel overwhelmed, too little stress causes you to feel bored and uninterested. A healthy level of stress motivates you to work productively, allowing you to reach your full potential. The key to being successful is being able to manage your stress and keep it at a healthy level.

There are many ways to help manage stress. Exercise is a great way to beat stress. It is proven to reduce stress hormones and calm your mind. Meditating is also known to relax your mind and body, reducing stress. Eating and sleeping well are also important when it comes to managing stress. Foods rich in vitamin C are known to reduce stress hormones, while a good night’s sleep can help energize you the next day, so you don’t feel so overwhelmed.

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