Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Why it’s Okay to Have an Off Day

Let’s get real. Everyone has off days. Sometimes it’s the weather, sometimes it’s morning traffic, and sometimes you just can’t find your motivation. In case no one else has told you this, I will: it’s okay.

Today is an off day for me. I have not accomplished nearly as much as I would like to. I have not been proactive in asking for tasks or seeing if I could help anyone with what they’re working on. However, I am still writing a blog and I did accomplish what was asked of me. Still, today is an off day.

It’s okay to have off days because you cannot give 100 percent all the time. You can try, but you will fail and you will just disappoint yourself. This is not to say that it is okay to give 50 percent all the time, just to say that you do not need to beat yourself up over a crappy day.

Today could have been better and maybe it should have been, but because today was like it was I know tomorrow will be better. I let myself have an off day because if I had tried to force myself into an exceptional day I would have produced mediocre work that I would have to fix tomorrow. I stayed on top of all my required tasks and made sure I did not fall behind. I did not get ahead either, but that’s okay.

Everyone has off days. It’s okay to let yourself have one and not feel guilty. No one is perfect and your bosses do not expect you to be either. Give 100 percent as much as you can, go above and beyond when you need to, and give yourself a break when you need it. Ultimately being honest with yourself about your capabilities each day is going to lead to long-term higher productivity. So really, it is okay to have an off day!

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