Friday, October 16, 2015

What Our Intern Had to Say

One of my mentors favorite expression is “Plans are fluid.” This could not be truer for my life, or my internship.

Each day is a new experience. I really never know what is going to happen when I walk into the office in the morning. There is always something new to be learned and a new task to complete every single day, and I love it!

I really get to be a part of the team and help with major projects. I am pushed past my limits and forced to learn new things. I get to work with people who genuinely care about my experience and want to help me improve my skills. Not only that, but they truly value the skills that I do have. Nearly everyday, someone asks for my opinion on something because they really want to know what I think about it.

The best part is being a part of such a wonderful company culture. We talk about the “three I’s” a lot, which are intensity, integrity, and intelligence. Connor | Caitlin has all three of them. We work intelligently with intensity and integrity to solve our partners’ problems. I firmly believe Connor | Caitlin is so successful because we also employ the intensity “I” in our fun as well. When we have fun, we HAVE FUN, and we have fun all the time.

The entire environment in the office has taught me the kind of culture to look for in a company. I am exponentially more productive and happier because of Connor | Caitlin’s dedication to creating such a great place to work.

If you have questions about how to create excellent internships in your business, contact Connor | Caitlin!