Friday, August 7, 2015

What to ask the Newbie

Effectively hiring a new employee is important for any company. How is this successfully achieved? The faster you get your new hire up-to-speed with things the more productive they can be.

It’s vital to get to know your new employee personally so they feel more comfortable at work. For example, take them out to lunch one day or to get a cup of coffee. Be sure to ask them questions in order to gauge how they are adjusting to their new job and work environment. See if their job has been what they expected so far and if it meets all of their standards. Make it very clear that honesty is critical with your new employee and they should be open with you. In order to get them more involved make sure they aren’t confused about their role in the company and that nothing is unclear.

As the manager, offer your new employee actions that could possibly make their transition easier. This will prove your commitment to them when it comes to improving their performance. Discuss what they are enjoying the most about their role, this way you are bringing up a positive topic. This is a clever way to bring up their strengths if you haven’t already.

Teamwork is one of the most important aspects in today’s business world. Make an effort to introduce your new employee to their colleagues. Start by inviting them to a group discussion or even set up lunches with people you think they would get along with.

The first few months at a new job can be quite difficult and sometimes uncomfortable to adjust to. By having occasional meetings with your new hire and asking them these questions, you will see them adapt much quicker to their new job.

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