Friday, August 28, 2015

Don’t just Think it; Speak it. (Appropriately)

As time prevails, social media is becoming more than just a form of advertisement and source of information. Social media can actually be a smart way to voice your opinion about certain issues or topics. However, speaking up does not mean being vulgar about the matter, but simply expressing your thoughts in an appropriate way. When a popular subject comes up, especially in the business world, many people tend to keep their thoughts to themselves and agree with the majority.  Instead, speak up.

Recently in the news, Taylor Swift voiced her outlook about Apple’s new streaming service on Tumblr. She claimed that she spoke up about the issue not for herself, but for other fellow musicians who were not getting paid by Apple. Taylor Swift’s post was seen by Apple and it did make a difference. Apple replied to her post and agreed to pay the artists for streaming even during the free trial period. Even though Taylor Swift is a celebrity, this is still a good example of just how influential social media can be.

Use social media to your advantage, but always make sure your posts don’t personally offend anyone. If you have a personal issue with a colleague or your boss at work, this would be the type of problem to solve in person. There are certain situations when it’s appropriate to use social media, and other situations when it’s not. Social media can be a very powerful tool; know how to use it, don’t abuse it.

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