Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Secret to Getting a Promotion

When a topic regarding promotion is brought up, it often leaves people quite perplexed. In many situations people complain about the unfairness of how promotions are chosen. So, what is the secret to getting a promotion?

For one, start associating yourself with other people who have been promoted and those who are highly respected within your company. Habits rub off; therefore it is important that you gain the right ones. Along with the correct skills for the job, you should also strive to have the best attitude you can.
Communicating is one of the most important characteristics you need to maintain in the business world. Know how to effectively and appropriately discuss your accomplishments and strengths with your boss. Also, try giving your boss a weekly update so they are aware of what’s going on in your department; this displays your attention to the company. With that being said, “don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk”. While communication is vital, so is participation. It’s always noble to get involved, particularly when it comes to meetings and business socials.

You have to be willing to show your boss you can handle responsibility and be more involved than the average Joe. One thing yo
u never want to do is obsess over getting a promotion, just go with the flow. If you ask your boss over and over again then you will end up seeming desperate and that is not a quality they are looking for. Don’t stress too much over whether you do or don’t get a promotion, its nothing personal, so all you can do is strive to be the best employee you can be.

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