Saturday, March 14, 2015

Do I care how you feel?...I BETTER!!!

As our economy rebounds and we move forward with the recession further and further in the rear view, great companies are looking to gain a competitive edge in talent and some are winning. In fact, top companies are understanding through analytics what HR professionals have known for years... leaders that know themselves and others is one of the only true competitive distinctions left.

A key element to this paradigm shift is wrapped up in the Social and Emotional Intelligence Quotient (SEIQ) scores of these leaders. In other words, knowing how we communicate with others, what messages we send beyond words, and what is heard by others gives the great ones (leaders that is) the mojo to deliver great results through their people.  This is not a check the box skill, such as once you understand how to raise capital you can move on to doing it. SEIQ is an on-going growth process that takes time and effort to develop and sharpen.  Companies are depending more and more on data to score and rate these skills before they hire.  They are spending the time and energy to make sure that candidates 'walk the walk' and its not all lip service.

The SEIQ looks at four major categories:

  • Self Awareness  
  • Self Management
  • Other Awareness
  • Relationship Management

What is great about the SEIQ, unlike your traditional IQ, is that you can fine tune these skills but you must have the self awareness and discipline to do it.  Companies -excuse me- great companies are building behavioral based interviews around these items and selecting folks that manage accordingly. How you get the results is just as important as what those results are.  More and more, a good Social and Emotional Intelligence score is becoming the table stakes for great companies... How we manage matters! 

To learn more about SEIQ as a difference maker whether for yourself, your team or your company, contact Connor|Caitlin Talent Solutions.